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Through ‘MyOxygen.gr’ website , the company with the tradename  ‘EPENDISI ZOIS – GIMNASTIRIA O.E ‘ and with the distinctive title ‘O2OXYGEN’ ( which is registered in the municipality of Rhodes in 48 Australia Street ,Contact number : +3022410 70510 , Email address : contact@myoxygen.gr, tax registration number 099008858 ( EL 099008858) TAX OFFICE OF RHODES with G.E.M.I. number 072473220000  provides you with the opportunity to subscribe online as a new member by purchasing a new subscription or by renewing an existing one , by credit or debit cards.

Specifically, if you wish to purchase an online subscription you need to be aware of the following :


Provided services, their duration as well as their value are described in detail in the section “Subscription’. Our services are provided directly from the first day until the expiry date of the agreed contract, within our club’s opening hours and according to the fixed program, both of which are subject to change. While in the premises, you are obliged to respect the club’s rules and regulations which can be viewed on our website and which you consent to by the conclusion of agreement with our company.


  • COST

The total cost for our services which are provided with each subscription (subscription cost after tax deduction and surcharge, registration fee and form of payment) is described in detail in the section ‘Subscription’. With the consent of the present terms of agreement there is an irrefutable validation of acceptance to the total subscription amount as rightful , reasonable and in accordance with the provided services.



Payment of the agreed cost of the online purchase is carried out via credit or debit card. The process is performed and completed through the cooperating limited liability companies which are referred to in the section ‘Subscription’ and concern the credit/debit cards through which these companies provide their services.

Specifically, after your subscription to our website ( in the section ‘Subscription’) by entering the requested information ( name, surname ,contact number and email address) and by selecting the services you wish to acquire and the acceptance of the present terms of agreement , you are transferred to the cooperate environment of the partner enterprises where you enter your particulars as well as your credit/debit card details and the corresponding amount , according to the chosen package, is charged.

After the completion of the transaction you will receive an email both from our business, to confirm your purchase, as well as from the cooperating company to inform you of the respective amount debited to your card. The particulars of your card are not made known to us or to any third party, except to the companies mentioned above.

When the new member first visits our Health Club, he/she is handed a services rendered invoice, their membership card, the rules and regulations of the club , a copy of the concluded contract as well as a form of retraction ,which  will also be kept in the Health Club’s filing records.

Our business is responsible for any failings and lack of denominated properties, while for any complaints you can refer to the club’s staff.



The customer has the right to terminate his/her contract ,unjustified , within 30 calendar days  from the following day of the reception of the prototype contract or from  the completion of the online purchase, by either filling in the appropriate form which can be found on our website or in writing addressed to the Health Club. The termination of the contract is submitted either in person, by fax or by registered letter and brings about the denunciation of the contract from its reception date from the Health Club and on condition that its mailing via registered letter, took place within 30 calendar days. In case the provision of services , agreed upon, commences during the termination period, the customer is committed to pay the business an amount equivalent for services already rendered. In addition, the customer has the right to denounce the treaty  at any time during the agreed contract , before it’s expiry date, even after the expiry of the 30 days from the reception of the contract. In this case, he/she is obliged to submit the equivalent amount of rendered services. Equally, the club has compensation rights from the customer which will amount to 2,5% of the value from the unexecuted purchased program.

MyOxygen also reserves the right to terminate a contract in case of violation either of the present terms of agreement , the club’s rules and regulations or the contract’s terms.


Concerning payments for online services, our business cooperates with certified companies that have permission from the Bank of Greece , they apply the required security policy  and they use protocol encryption to ensure the privacy of data transfer and the privacy of transaction.

Registering on our website or newsletter and by purchasing our services online, users provide information concerning their identity (name, surname, telephone number, email address, date of birth and many more). The above information is not made known nor forwarded to third parties. Your contact details are likely to be used by our establishment to promote offers or advertising materials concerning our services or to promote services/products of third party companies that might be of interest to you. By providing your personal data and by consenting to the terms of agreement , you also agree to the collection and processing of your personal data as well as its use for the above and only mentioned reasons.

Your consent to all the above can be freely revoked. You also have the choice of not agreeing to the reception of informative or advertising materials.


For any differences that may occur in relation to our services or the concluded contract, there is opportunity of an online alternative resolution of disputes (https://www.eccgreece.gr/el/online-dispute-resolution/) or of an extrajudicial  settlement with recourse to Amicable Settlement Committees or to the Ombudsman (https://www.efpolis.gr/el/epanorthosi-askisi-dikaiomaton/79-exodikastiki-epilisi.html) where the business will resort to, before any other source of action and to which the customer will be able to appeal to, either  in person or by any convenient means (by post , email or fax).

In any case, applicable law is the Greek Law  and the courts of Rhodes are  designated to have the jurisdiction..



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