Personal Training


Personal Training is a private session supervised by a specialized trainer of your choice. It is widely considered as the most effective method of training and its success is due to your personal trainer who is a professional with specialized and certified knowledge on personal training. 

One to One  Personal 

A personal training session between you and your trainer which will help you reach your aim quickly and safely.

PT Flexi

60 minutes of training for muscle empowerment or for weight loss by using the following :

– Boot Camp
– Machines
– Group Exercising
– Pilates Reformer

PT express

A 30-minute personal session ( between you and your trainer) suitable for :

– improvement of fitness level
– empowerment
– weight loss
– injury rehabilitation
– treatment of spinal cord problems
– anyone with limited free time

Group Personal 

In order to benefit from the services of a personal trainer , MyOxygen offers the choice of personal training within small groups.

PT Express Group

30 minutes of training in a group of 2-4 people for empowerment, weight loss and physical fitness.

P.T. PILATES REFORMER (for one person or 2 people) :

Training with Pilates focuses on :

– the symmetrical posture of your body
– the control of your breathing
– your abdominal empowerment
– the stabilization of your spinal cord
– your muscle empowerment
– the improvement of your physical condition
– the rehabilitation of your injuries
– your muscle flexibility
-your joint mobility


Especially designed Yoga programs which aim to train the whole body , to improve the control of your breathing , to increase your endurance, to achieve a better body posture, to improve your balance and strength and to decrease anxiety.

Trx mini Group

30 minutes of training in a small group ( up to 6 people) using special belts. By following the instructions of your trainer,by using your body weight and by adjusting the intensity of your workout , you train your whole body . Appropriate for the improvement of your metabolism, for empowerment and weight loss.

Boot Camp Mini Group

45 minutes of high intensity interval training ( H.I.I.T : 30 minutes of training and 15 minutes of active relaxation ) in a group of up to 8 people. Combining exercises for the whole body by using specific equipment such as a rope , a trampoline, kettlebells, trx , medicine ball and many more. Ideal for a quick weight loss.

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