The absolutely most organized and fullest equipped health club in Rhodes.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff of MyOxygen will provide the guidance and the support you need to achieve the physical level you desire, quickly and efficiently. Our various group programs offer an enjoyable and efficient way of training and through this way, we have managed  to make our hundreds of members view exercise part of their daily life.

MyOxygen is the suitable place for you if exercising is unknown to you or your experience with other health clubs disappointing.


Over 60 group programs per week that you can fit into your daily routine. Open from 7:30 to 23:30


The best equipped and the biggest gym in Rhodes


A gym organized with international standards


You do not just become a member of a gym but a member of MyOxygen family. Our friendly atmosphere will make you feel comfortable from day one.


MyOxygen is the best value for money. It is certain that you will find the package that suits your ‘pocket’


With a beautiful sea view from both the cardio stations, as well as from the Strength training floor.


We wish to continue being the best gym in Rhodes by offering top quality services.

We wish to incorporate exercising in the daily life of any group age ; children,adults and seniors. Exercising at ‘MyOxygen’ gym means a better life with more energy, good health, a perfect mood and lots of smiles.


We recognize the value of the presence of knowledgeable and educated professionals next to you and for this reason we operate on the base of : guidance – support – result

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and the health of each person through regular exercise, a balanced diet, correct information and goodwill. We understand that exercising is not perceived in the same way by everyone, however, we are committed to help and support our members willingly, tirelessly and always with a smile. We are fully capable, willing and can provide top quality services and we DO so, by giving our best daily.



MyOxygen began operating in 2002, aiming to bring a change to the way of exercising in Rhodes. Since then, the ‘family’ of MyOxygen has been growing rapidly and now the hundreds of active members have come to love exercising and to trust us.

MyOxygen’s reputation is due to its advantages: the provision of top quality services in combination with a pleasant environment and the staff’s support – qualities that encourage our members not only to train but also to change their lifestyle and acquire a better physical condition.

Due to the great variety of group exercising,throughout the day,and the three spacious halls, we provide numerous options to choose from, in order to best suit your preferable style of training,your lifestyle and personal timetable.
Our experience in the world of fitness allows us to strategically co-operate with top professionals of the kind that follow the latest fitness developments.
Our programs change every 3 months, new music is used and new exercises are incorporated in order for all the different muscle groups to be trained and to achieve an overall satisfactory result.
Our staff consists of trainers that are specialized and graduates of School of Physical Education and Sports Science and of internationally recognized universities . They refresh their knowledge and get informed of the latest trends in the world of fitness.

MyOxygen is the ideal Health Club because it has the knowledge , the experience, the goodwill and the professionalism to support and to guide correctly its members, not only to achieve the desired results but also to make exercising the best part of their day.



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